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Deborah Feingold - David Byrne

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Born in Cranston, Rhode Island, Deborah Feingold’s love of photography began at the age of twelve when her father taught her how to photograph and work in their darkroom.

 In the mid-70’s, Feingold began to immerse herself in the jazz world. She moved to New York City, earning assignments with small independent jazz labels. This work led to a feature in Musician magazine, where she quickly became their staff photographer, shooting music legends such as James Brown, Miles Davis, David Byrne, Aerosmith, The Ramones and B.B. King.

Feingold has continued photographing musicians, actors, politicians, writers, and many more iconic figures over the last four decades, along with contributing her talents to numerous album covers, book covers, movie posters, and ad campaigns. Her visionary sensibilities have had a hand in immortalizing the personas attached to these names, highlighting their personalities in a naturalistic, candid manner that’s personal and personable.

Deborah Feingold lives in Southold, NY and New York City.

Deborah on photographing David Byrne:

"David had a big suit on, so that was going to be interesting regardless. I wanted to get more, because this was being shot for, oh, I don't know…Rolling Stone. So I wanted more than just a picture of a crazy suit. In order to try to elicit a little more expression, I just played a little game of 'Simon Says' and the exciting one was just called 'Do a Silent Scream.' And it was silent and that's how that came about. It was effective. That's really the only frame with that expression."

DAVID BYRNE measures 16" x 20" Edition 5/50

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