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Guaxs Cubistic Tea Light / Bud Vase

Guaxs Cubistic Tea Light / Bud Vase

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  • Handcrafted
  • Mouth-blown glass

Dimensions: 4.7"D x 3.5"H

The Guaxs Cubistic Tealight/Bud Vase - is a sculptured glass tealight from Guaxs.

These beautiful tealights are mouth-blown and cut by hand, and feature beautiful texture and shapes. This gives each a distinctive, unique character.

Add a couple of these Cubistic tealights to your bath and watch the shadows and light play while you soak in a relaxing, hot bubble bath.

Great in a grouping or alone, these handcrafted tealights also look great as bud vases!

Made in Germany

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