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Practical Magic Apothecary Midnight Margarita Botanical Craft Cocktail

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Put the lime in the coconut....A must-have for all Practical Magic Movie fans and yes, it's a black margarita! Pour packet into jar, fill with tequila or spirit of choice, shake shake shake, sit for 1-3 days then strain and top with pomegranate cranberry juice or of course you could try your favorite lemon/limeade or margarita mixer- Serve on the rocks or blend with ice for frozen margaritas!

Mocktail Option: Fill with hot water, let cool, shake, shake shake, strain and top with mixer.

Low sugar option: top with sparkling lemon or lime mineral water. Coconut water would be delicious too!

The possibilities are endless!

Just add tequila or spirit of choice and let sit for 1-3 days to make delicious, infused craft cocktails.

Comes in a 16oz. glass jar and makes 8-10 drinks. Just Fill, Shake, Strain and Serve! 

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