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Relwen Heritage Trap Blazer

Relwen Heritage Trap Blazer

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Relwen's essential sport coat - classic fitting with tapered waist and true “natural shoulders”- it’s all you. Never do we use padding or extra canvas pieces, and never any glue or fusible membranes to hold our products together. Built for today’s flexible work/play environments. Several features make this a real sport’s jacket. 1) We always include a throat tab to close the collar. 2) We insist on a rear game pocket, that’s how they use to make them—or at least how we do because anything else is a bore. 3) Our sleeve buttons are never just decoration, always functional. Because we’re always committed to making things the right way. 

  • fit:  classic, tapered waist, natural shoulder

  • temperature range:  45º to 60º 
  • gunchecks:  100% wool, 260 gsm

  • herringbones:  90% wool, 10% nylon, 270 gsm

  • working sleeve buttons, acetate lined sleeves, cotton bound interior seams, canvas reinforcement tape behind patch hand pockets, coil zipper interior chest pocket, rear snap game pocket

  • care:  dry clean only, steam iron as needed

  • imported

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